Welcome to The Booch Ferments!

The Booch is an artisanal kombucha brewery, located in Wageningen. Every two weeks, a new batch is brewed and ready to be enjoyed. The flavour combinations might be some very classic ones or new, innovative flavours. Due to circumstances, these flavours are not available via a shop, but can be ordered via a message to me. More details on this can be found here.

Why The Booch? Why drink kombucha? Well, the answer for me is pretty simple, it is a perfect alternative for soda, water, wine or beer. It contains less sugar, more flavour, no alcohol and, depending on the flavour, contains a nice fizz. Also, since it is a fermented product and not pasturised or sterilised, it is alive. There are a combination of different bacteria and yeasts present in the booch. These have provided the complex flavour profile together with the tea and added fruits and herbs, while using the sugars and providing some carbonation to the drink.

So, all in all, it is a very positive product, that still develops over time. That is the beauty of The Booch, enjoy it with every sip, every bottle differs! Always a good flavour, but different with each glass. No constant flavour, enjoy every moment. Just like life, no two Booch moments are the same, but always special.

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