About the Booch

My name is Noortje, I am a food technologist and a fermentation enthousiast. At the end of the summer of 2019, I got introduced to the idea of home-fermentation. What started out with kombucha, has grown into a hobby, which has gotten out of hand. I was making kimchi, yoghurt, sourdough bread, ginger beer, miso and so much more. Moreover, I started hosting workshops, to share all that I know and so that others could experience the same joy I feel when fermenting foods and drinks. So, in January 2021, I founded the Booch Ferments! My own kombucha brewery, to make my hobby into a business and share my crazy ferments will all those who are interested. I am hoping to expand the fermentation-portofolio of the Booch soon, as well as host more workshops and do some awesome collaborations with some small, Wageningen-based businesses.

Do you have any interest in a collaboration or want to do a fermentation workshop with some friends or collegues? Let’s get in touch!

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